Alternative Ingredients

Frequently you'll see some of the below condiments in my recipes. Some I use alternatives or get it imported, most importantly I keep it Halaal ( permissible in Islamic law)) or omit the ingredient and work on getting something that would taste close to it.

Vanilla Extract
-I get my vanilla and all essences from Kenya from . They are certified Halaal. Details can be found on their website.
-Powder vanilla can be used instead of vanilla extract.
-Some South Asian stores sell non alcohol artificial vanilla flavor.
-Nothing beats a fresh vanilla bean,  you will get it in bulk food stores. Slit the Vanilla bean in half (length wise) and using a paring knife scrape  the center and you'll get tiny specs on the knife. Or a fuller way to get the bean is by cutting the in half and squeeze like squeezing a starw with the back of paring knife, you'll get plenty of aromatic vanilla specks.

Malt vinegar, Apple Cider vinegar, Date vinegar.
Yvonne Maffei ( a good friend) of has a good explanation on this topic.

Worcestershire Sauce-
Most ingredients used to make the sauce are safe. However there is Spirit vinegar in it. Reading about it, it is acetic acid (white vinegar). Different school of thoughts (madh-hab) have different rulings on vinegar made from alcohol.We should all research and find out more.

Soy Sauce-
Kikkoman all purpose soy sauce-Tamari is certified Halaal and gluten free. Check their website at