Fruit Salads

How about playing with some fruits??

 Fruit salad can be fun to make, serve and eat. What ever is in season, be creative and be healthy!!

Option 1
1 tangerine, mandarin orange or clementine
A few pitted dates

Mix them all up, squeeze 1 lemon juice and serve! Or poke the fruits through skewers to make fruit kabobs!

Option 2
2 Bananas- sliced
1 Apple- cut in small pieces
1 papaya- cut in small pieces
1 mango- cut in small pieces

Mix all the above fruits, add some honey and serve chilled.

Option 3 -Melon Medley
1 cantaloupe, peel and cut in pieces
1 honeydew, peel and cut in pieces
½ watermelon ( the flesh) cut in pieces
1 pear, cut in pieces

You can be creative to either use melon baller for the melons or cut in slices and arrange on a plate.
A small sprig of mint for decoration.