Knife Skills- Did you know?

One of the most important tool in the kitchen is a KNIFE....
To use is a skill on it's own. Here are some things to keep in mind....

A knife is made to slice not chop. When using a knife the best way is to slide it in the fruit or vegetable and, when you do that you use less muscle power and also less stress on your shoulder.

Always make sure your knife is sharp.

When you use a knife to cut the vegetables or fruit always wipe it clean. The acid of the food can make the blade blunt.

The best knife sharpener is the rod, slide the knife blade back and forth on it a couple of times and see the amazing results.

You get a variety of knives for each purpose- peeling, cutting,carving, bread knife and many more. I like to use chef's knife for most of my work.

I am more of a person to person student, I did find some useful tips on

Show off your precise cuts!