Sandwich Ideas

If you are a mum like me who is always on the run and looking for fresh ideas for lunch for yourself and the kids, this might be for you. Hope it helps! Pictures coming soon!

Leek and Cheese Sandwich

1 leek-slit it in 2 and slice thinly, avoid the hard green top part of the leek. wash thoroughly
1/2 cup grated cheese of your choice- mozzarella, marble or cheddar
1/2 cup sliced olives
1 clove garlic minced
1 Tblsp Olive oil.

3-4 slices of bread or bagel ( I normally use whole wheat or whole grain)

Heat a small pan and add the garlic and leek, add the oil and stir till the leek is soft and transparent. Switch off the heat and let it cool. Add the grated cheese and olives, mix well. Put the mixture on a slice of bread or bagel and toast under a broil till the cheese melts.

Breaded Chicken or Fish Wraps

per wrap
3-4 pieces of cooked breaded chicken or fish (boxed or home-made) or shredded barbecued chicken
2 pieces of chicken strips ( breakfast strips)
1/2  cup baby spinach
1/2 Tblsp Mayonnaise ( I like the one made with Olive oil)
Ketchup or chilli sauce ( depends on what the children or you like)
1 Tblsp grated cheese of your choice
1 Tortilla wrap-10 inch

Lay out the tortilla, put the spinach,then the breaded chicken/fish, chicken strips, mayo, ketchup or chilli sauce and lastly sprinkle the cheese over. Wrap the sides first then from the bottom wrap it going up. You can slightly press with a panini press or heat a shallow frying pan and for a minute or two cook on both sides ( no oil).

Sky is the limit to add options!-
you can add avocados, onions, pickled chillies, olives,cucumbers.