School lunch Ideas

I came across an amazing website- by Yvonne Maffei and in a post she mentioned something that flooded my mind with fond memories. Sandwiches which are tightly sealed and non drip! Yes! I am talking about the # Toas-Tite sandwich maker. . I immediately got mine from and guess what?! It has made my life a lot fun and quick to make sandwiches for my children's lunch, above all, they appreciate it!
These sandwiches are a great made ahead for suhoor too( pre-dawn meal in Ramadhan)!

Some Sandwich Filling ideas- Unlimited!!

1)  Grated cheese- mozzarella or marble are really good option
      Halal chicken strips ( I use Mina Halal)
      Ketchup and Dijon Mustard
      1 loaf of Texan bread ( whole wheat)
Switch on the stove on medium heat and put the Toas-Tite sandwich maker to pre-heat, make sure to turn after 2 minutes to have even heat on both sides.
Mix the sauces together and apply on two slices of bread. One one slice put the chicken strip ( folded or cut into bits) and sprinkle with the grated cheese. Cover with other slice and put on the preheated sandwich maker. Press and return to the heat. Cook on both sides for 2-3 minutes or until golden. Serve with your favorite sauce or ketchup and Enjoy!!

2)  Boiled eggs- 2 chopped
     Onion    1 chopped
     Left over BBQ chicken - chopped
     2 Tbsp Ketchup
Mix all the above ingredients in bowl and follow as above to make the tight sealed sandwiches.

3) Grated mozzarella cheese
     Pizza sauce
     Corn kernels

Apply the pizza sauce on one slice of the bread, put a few corn kernels and sprinkle with the cheese, toast it and have fun with a quick pizza!!

I often like to use mini naans or thin burger buns ( both by President's Choice), it fits into the sandwich maker just right without to trim the edge or burnt bread ;)