Spice of Life-Afghani

If you are ever in Toronto, Canada be sure to eat at Bamiyan Kebob, the amazing Afghan eat out! You won't stop at one visit, for sure!
Here is a recipe close to what they make after many trials.

Chapli Kebab

1 kg minced meat
salt to taste
2 tomatoes chopped
2 onions chopped
1 Tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp coriander seed powder
1 tsp cumin seed powder
1 Tbsp dried pomegranate seeds powder
1 tsp garam masala
2 green chillies chopped
1/2 bunch coriander leaves chopped
1 Tbsp chilli flakes
1/2 cup whole wheat flour

oil for shallow frying.

In a chopper mix the ginger-garlic paste, onion, tomatoes, coriander seed pd, cumin seed pd, pomegranate pd, green chilli, chilli flakes, coriander leaves and garam masala.
Mix the blended spices together with the minced meat, add salt, egg and the whole wheat flour. Mix well and keep the meat mixture in the fridge for 6-7 hours. Heat a frying pan, add oil and make flat burgers and fry till brown on both sides. Serve with rice, roughly chopped lettuce, chopped onion-tomato & coriander leaves salad and tomato chutney.
Tomato chutney: 3 tomatoes. coriander leaves, 2 green chillies and 1 small onion- blend all together with 2 Tbsp vinegar.