Matbosha- A Sweet Swahili Delicacy (#EidEats2018)

This is an amazing delicacy made with rice flour, the shapes look like red blood cells but are white in yummy coconut milk sweet syrup. This is a MUST  dish in Mombasa household during Ramadhan and when you love it so much why not make it on EID!
  Beware! This is an addictive dish 😋

Equipment needed
2 medium size pots
1 wooden spoon

The Dough

1 cup rice flour
2 cups water

Put the water in a pot on medium heat and bring it to warm then add the rice flour and stir continuously till well mixed . It should form a soft but well combined dough. Reduce the heat completely and let it stand for about 5 minutes to cook the dough thoroughly.
Let it cool while still covered (I usually use a tea towel and the lid to cover it, it prevents condensation).
When it's nice and cooler to the touch, divide the dough into 4 balls and taking one ball at a time make small marble sized balls about 1/2 inch  (make sure the rest of the dough is well covered to avoid drying out).
Using your fore finger press it into the ball to make a bowl shape. Continue with the rest of the dough balls.

Coconut Syrup
4cups water
5-6 tablespoons coconut powder
1 teaspoon cardamom powder
1/2 cup sugar (you can add more if you like it sweeter)
1 tablespoon rice flour

On medium heat bring the above ingredients to a light boil .
Add the rice dough bowls (the red blood cell shape balls) in it one at a time, make sure you don't stir at this point.
Let it heat up nicely then using a wooden spoon stir very gently.
Bring it to a light boil, switch off and let it stand for about half hour to cool.
Pour in a nice serving bowl and serve.

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